Saturday, 1 June 2013

Dressember Midsummer Mad-dress!

Welcome to my new style blog home!

Once again we are attempting a mid year event over at The Dressember Facebook page. A 1 week opportunity to show off frocks that aren't season appropriate during Dressember proper. A chance to reconnect during the year :-)
Once again we appear to have been thwarted by Facebook's incessant and seemingly unnecessary twiddling of settings for pages, particularly when it comes to the mobile apps! We've (mostly!) migrated over to the Dressember Facebook Group, where it appears to be easier to post and view photos from others.
I do love admin-ing Dressember, but it's a stress, and an absolutely thankless task!
Anyway, I did participate! At the time the photo was taken I wasn't sure whether I'd be posting or not, so didn't pursue a child to persist until she got a good one - hence I'm looking rather windswept atop a car park! But at least the sun was shining :-)

Katie x

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

the Dressember blog!  Watch this space for Mid-year Madress (madness, geddit?!) starting 1st June for 1 week only!